Monday, November 9, 2015

Halloween 2015

Before we know it, we will be turning our calendars over to a brand new month. I've noticed Christmas decorations already adorning many homes and businesses. But before we start decking the halls on the home-front I wanted to share/document this years Halloween decorations. 

This years inspiration was a mashup of several different tutorials found on Pinterest. The tutorial for the spider's construction can be found here

We (the patient boyfriend and I) made a couple of changes to the original tutorial. Instead of covering the balls that make up the head and body of the spider with trash bags, we covered them completely with foam insulation. After the foam insulation dried we painted over it with black spray paint and continued with the same method for the 'legs' of the spider. (Method found here.)

Here it is, lying in wait, at its initial resting spot. (More on that later.) The hard-to-distinguish black things attached to the siding are plastic spiders that I found at Michael's that were attached using mounting tape. I wanted to give the appearance of just-hatched baby spiders crawling down the front of the house.

And what is a huge spider without a gigantic spider web? Again, the boyfriend (and his patience) came to the rescue and constructed three of these webs. (Tutorial here.)

As I said earlier, I really wanted the spider on top of the house for dramatic affect, however, nature had us re-configuring its placement. A couple of days prior to Halloween, we had a wind/rain advisory. As badly as I wanted it on top of the house, the thought of it being destroyed by the wind had us moving it to a safer, less dramatic location.

We placed the spider on a crate in front of our outbuilding for a little added height. I placed a floodlight on it to make it more noticeable and was pleasantly surprised with the image projected on the building. Two spiders for the price of one!

This was a very time-consuming, and messy, project. However, I was, still am, extremely proud of the end result. Now to start brainstorming for next years theme!