Friday, November 29, 2013

Fall Shed 2013

I hope everyone who celebrates had a Happy Thanksgiving. I realize I may be a bit tardy in publishing this post seeing as though some homes have had their decorations up for weeks but I didn't want the autumn season to slip by entirely without sharing our shed's seasonal décor.

Once again, I gave the yard sale mirror a new coat (spray) paint. This time I chose a sunflower shade of yellow. Speaking of sunflowers, the decorations on each door were originally meant to be utilized as wind chimes. We simply removed the chime portion, and using Command hooks, attached one sunflower to each door.

The window boxes are no different than the ones I have used in past years. Each window box contains a liner of burlap, a small mum, pumpkin (or any squash/gourd of your choice), Indian corn, and some straw. They are inexpensive and couldn't be easier to assemble.

A simple fall-inspired decorative yard flag added the final touch.

As the saying goes, "what goes up, must come down", all the fall décor will be coming down soon and the Christmas decorations will go up. I'll be sure to share what we do to spruce it up for the holiday season.