Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nature Instax

Do you find yourself saving/putting back certain items waiting for just the perfect occasion/reason to put them to use? This is exactly what I have been doing with my Instax Mini.

I was gifted this camera two (maybe three) Christmases ago, and up until a couple of weeks ago had only used it twice. (In over two years, I had taken a grand total of two pictures.)  I really have no great excuse for basically hoarding this camera, other than I didn't want to waste it. (Which is exactly what I was doing by not using it.)

Above are the first two shots I took while getting reacquainted with this camera. On the left is a shot of some climbing roses. It's hard to make out in this shot, but the picture has a gorgeous shabby chic/antique quality to it. The photo on the right is the remainder of a robin's eggshell.

Pastels aren't the color palette I tend to gravitate toward, but I am loving how those colors show up on film.

How are you at putting items to use?

1 comment:

  1. I try not to waste my instax film too. I always end up taking photos of people though. I should try and get some nature shots.