Thursday, April 12, 2012

Piano Bench Restyle

After seeing this post  ages ago, I began my hunt for the perfect piano stool to restyle. I was lucky in that I found this one at a local auction for a mere $5.00.

Fast forward a year later. The above stool is still in the same condition as the day I brought it home. (I am the worst at finishing (in this case, beginning) projects.) A lot of you vintage lovers would likely leave this bench as is. Personally, I can not wait to rip off that 70's vinyl seat covering.

Here is the inside:

Other than knowing I want to paint the wood a lighter color, I'm not for certain what (style) direction this little stool will take.

Maybe something similar to this gorgeous bench:


I'm hoping by making it public knowledge that I'm terrible at starting/finishing projects that it will shame me into actually completing some of them. First step is admitting the problem, right?

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