Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shutter Restyle

I knew when I first saw (and saved) this image over a year ago that eventually I would like to make my own adaptation. 

I was lucky in that I didn't have to search too far to find some old shutters. These shutters (along with another set) had been collecting dust in the barn for years. After a little rinse from the water hose they were ready for step two.

I knew I only wanted to work on one panel at a time so I just unattached the two by removing the hinges connecting them. After sanding each individual louver, I primed both sides of the shutter using my all-time favorite primer.

The next step entailed a trip to the copy store. (In my case, Office Depot.)  l knew I wanted the bunny shape to be confined mostly to the slat area of the shutter; using those measurements I had a small bunny-shaped template enlarged which I then traced and cut out of poster board to make a more durable stencil. Using just regular masking tape I attached the stencil to shutter and sprayed over the entire shutter using Valspar spray paint in Cameo Pink.

After removing the stencil there were a few small spots that required a little touch up with a small paintbrush,  otherwise the method I used worked out very well. I bought a few egg-shaped wooden cutouts and painted them in a variety of springy colors and added some glass glitter for a little sparkle. They are attached with hot glue.

I knew I wanted something more original than just a regular pom-pom tail. I knew I wanted her tail to be flower, but what to use? Then it hit me, chenille! I found the perfect lot of scraps on Etsy and this piece was in the mix. It was perfect and exactly what I was envisioning! It's attached using these Velcro coins.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and have already started on bunny shutter #2!


  1. Love it! I don't know what was going on last night, but when I went to follow, it said I already was. When I couldn't find you in my reader this morning, I came back and now I'm your newest follower. I'll let you know when I do the post about this. Have a great weekend!

  2. These are sweet. I am in awe of your wonderful craftiness.

  3. welcome to blog land.. Love the giveaway!!

  4. How cute are these?!!!! Welcome to blogland & thank you for the giveaway @ A Creative Princess!!! Chelle

  5. OH SOOO cute!!! Thanks for linking. You did awesome! Love the flower :)

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    1. What a nice surprise! Thank you so much!