Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Opinions Welcome

After using the same camera for a couple of years I am itching for an upgrade. I have narrowed down my search to two options.

Option 1: Canon Powershot SX30    (This reviews on this camera were outstanding.)

Here is the description from the Dell's website:

"The PowerShot SX30 IS from Canon has got you prepared for your next extreme photo opportunity. This point-and-shoot digital camera comes with a massive 35x wide angle optical zoom lens - a first for any PowerShot! It also comes with a 2.7 inch vari-angle LCD, 14.1 mega pixel, high dynamic range, zoom framing assist and much more."

Option 2: Olympus PEN E-PL1

Here is the description from Dell's website.

"Itching to take professional pictures but intimidated by SLRs? Then look no further than the Olympus E-PL1. This camera has it all: high quality, point-and-shoot simplicity, and chic PEN design. Whether capturing an HD movie or snapping once-in-a-lifetime moments, its six special art filters let you paint the world from a great perspective. And with a 100% stabilized body for crisp shots with all lens types, an accessory port and a integrated flash, the colorful E-PL1 really is ready for fun."

So here is where I need your help. Which do you recommend, and why? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Happy first day of February!

(Pictures "borrowed" from Dell's website.)


  1. The two cameras seem very different from each other. I think it depends what you want it for.
    If you're taking professional photos or a lot of pictures of things. I would go with the first one.
    + Canon is a better name than Olympus.

    For ease of use the second.

    I myself would pick the second. For this reason. I've had a really good Kodak with a great big lense for about 5 years. I love it. It takes good pictures, but I can't wait until it dies so I have an excuse to buy a small one. An unobtrusive camera that I can take anywhere, and fits in my purse.

  2. Hm, I'm not personally familiar with either camera. Does either allow you to control the camera (adjusting aperature or shutter speed)? If so, I would pick that one - it will make your camera much more versatile.