Monday, August 30, 2010

The Beginning

I have started this blog post a minimum of six times. Yes, six. I wonder if many blog author's are as critical of their words as I am. I assumed the words would come freely, but it isn't so much of what to say but rather how to say it.

I liken starting this blog as to being the news kid at a new school. You are walking into an unfamiliar environment where connections have already been established, and that is a somewhat unsettling feeling. Unsettling, but exciting!

My goal in starting this blog is to "meet" other like minded souls with the same general interest in photography. crafting, collecting, and treasure hunting. Some of my very favorite things!

I'm looking forward to making new connections. sharing ideas, and forging new friendships. So, to anyone reading this, feel free to leave a comment with the link to your blog, Flickr, etc and I'll be sure to visit!


  1. Hey Mandy - you're off to a great start! The picture you posted is perfect and so true.

  2. Found you from the pen pal project! I am so glad I did! I still feel like a new kid and I've been blogging quite sometime! But don't give up! You've already been a HUGE inspiration to me! You can look at my blog: i started it more than once myself. ;) so no worries.